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Super absorbent cleanroom wiper

To meet sanitary items'users demand on higher absorbent capability,our company take the lead in developing anew kind of clearoom wiper which contains our SAF。This wiper is called SAF cleanroom wiper,Compared with normal cleanroom wiper,our had following characteristics
●Super absorbency: physiology brine's absorbency can reach moren than 1 5 times
●Super retain capability:the fluid can be preserved in paper after it's absorbed.And its fluid-retain capability can reach more than 1 5 times

▲compares with the domestic and foreign similar products,ours had following advantages
●Well-proportioned mixed fiber ,flat surface after absorbing fluid,no gobbet
●Good control on mixing volume
●Product quota 35g/m2-500g/m2 may produce
●Using our company 's advanced SAF ,will not turn yellow and quick absorbency
●The product will not be delamination,even after absorb fluid
●The fiber will not fall down,lower dust and flat surface

Oter applicatong field:
◆Cleanroom wiper used in eletcironic line and purify room
◆Optics equipment manufacturing optical cable manufacturing
◆Cleaning of  SMT steel in printing line and precise instrument
◆Food and the medicine profession
◆Machine-finishing profession
◆Car beauty and nursing line
◆Surgical drape





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