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Yarns and Cable

SAFcan be converted into a yarn from via a wide range of spinning technologies,such as Ring,Open End,Repco and Hollow Spindle.The yarns are produced utilising long staple versions of SAF,in blend with fibres such as Polyester,Polyamide,Rayon and Polypropylene.The SAF yarn applications are primarily for the cable industry,in which the swellable yarn is used as a means of water ingress blocking for telecom munication and power cables.Specialist nonwoven fabrics incorporating SAF have the versatit. ity for use as a cable tape,which together with the swellable yarns,provide a complete solution for the cable industry.The SAF cable tapes offer excellent swelI height and absorption performance.Other development application areas include apparel and industriaI materials,utilising knitted and woven fabrics.


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